Last, Trail Creek is happy to provide FFL transfer services, insurance appraisals, as well as layaway services to our customers.

Trail Creek is proud to provide a wide variety of modern, antique and curio & relic firearms for every shooting interest.


This website was last updated on 10/29/15.


Trail Creek Trade Company

Trail Creek has or can order most any firearm accessory you could need, from ammunition to magazines to scopes.


NOTICE:  Schedule Change!  Trail Creek is now closed on Sundays & Mondays until further notice.

Welcome to the Trail Creek Trade Company  website!  Our goal is to provide a good selection of fine antique and vintage arms, as well as modern new and used firearms for every need. Please feel free to contact us if you require more information, wish to make a purchase, or are interested in ordering something you don't see here.  We are happy to send additional pictures of anything listed here.  We hope you will return regularly to check on changes as  new items are always coming in.

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