Trail Creek Trade Company


Trail Creek Trade Company carries a fair selection of current manufacture sporting rifles.  Current manufacture items are not listed below, as the stock changes too frequently.  Please feel free to contact us to see if we have what you are looking for.  If we don't, we are happy to order it for you.  The items listed below are our current selection of used and collectible sporting rifles.


+Early Armalite AR-7 - (Sn 1013xx) - .22 long rifle, 16" bbl., black oxide metal finish with multi color brown/black/green. Shows near new at about 99% original finish throughout & retains original instruction manual. Item #L7915. $400


+ Browning A-Bolt II Hunter - (Sn 193xxMM351) - .300 Winchester Magnum with 26" bbl.  Blue with walnut wood.  Shows about 98% original metal finish.  The gloss finish on the walnut stock shows scattered nicks and dings consistent with the metal finish.  Good bore and screws and mechanically sound.  Item #L8167.  $625  

+ Browning 78 - (Sn 507xxRT) - .45/70, 24" bbl., blue with checkered walnut stocks, box & manual, but the factory swivels are not present. Shows near new throughout with 98-99% original blue & wood finish. QD flush mount swivels, Pachmayr swivels are still available from Brownell for $28.00. Box is tattered & taped. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7897. $1,295


+ Brno ZKK-602 - (Sn 099xx) - .510 Wells with a 24" bbl. Custom Fiberglass stock is unfinished. Needs a couple of hours of "body work" to finish & paint stock. Barreled action shows about "as new", with the exception of a little bit of rust at the barrel band, the front sight band, the swivel band, and little splotches on the quarter rib . *CONSIGNED* Item #L3355. $1,795




+ Remington 798 - (Sn ZA70070xxxx) - .375 H & H, 26" bbl., blue, black/tan/green laminate stock. Shows about 98% original finish throughout. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7859. $729

+ Remington Custom Shop 700 (Pictures) - (Sn B6454xxx) - .375 H & H, 24" bbl., blue/walnut with Leupold bases. Shows about 98-99% original blue. The wood shows minor hunting & handling marks. Previous owner used the rifle for one hunt in Africa in June 2013. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7809. $939


+ Ruger No. 1-B - (Sn 133-54xxx) - .30-06, 26" bbl., blue/walnut, Kahles Helia-C, 1.5-6 x 42 - 30 mm. tube.  Both the rifle and scope show as or near new.  This rifle was used on one trip to Nambia for plains game and then retired to the safe.  Original boxes for rifle and scope are included, as are the original 1" Ruger rings.  Item #L8893  Consigned  $1495  NEW ITEM!!!  4/25/17 

+ Ruger M77 - (791-118xx) - 6.5 x 55 with 22" bbl.  Blue and walnut.  Shows near new at about 98-99% original finish throughout.  Good barrel, bore and screws.  A nice, handy little rife in a great caliber.  Item #L8147.  $675

+ Ruger #1 – (Sn 133-53xxx) – 257 Roberts with 26” bbl.  Single shot, lever operated falling block.  Blued with walnut pistol grip stock.  Drilled for scope; has Tasco 3-9x scope mounted; no iron sights.  Shows 99%+ of original finish on metal and wood, with a few scattered scratches to the wood.  Remington black rubber buttplate as part of the buttstock.  Sling swivels.  Good bore and screws, mechanically sound.  Item #L8207.  $1,125.95  

+ Ruger M77 Magnum - (Sn 750-060xx) - .416 Rigby with a 23" bbl. NEW. Nicely figured wood. Item #L4046. $1,725



+ Sako Finnbear L61R - (Sn 754xx) - 7mm mag, 24 1/2" bbl., blue/checkered European walnut stock with period Leupold 3-9x VXII Scope, factory Sako rings. Shows 96-98% original blue throughout with most wear at muzzle & bolt knob. Wood shows numerous hunting/handling marks in the form of minor nicks, dings, & compression marks. Checkering is sharp, factory pad is sharp & live, original swivels studs intact. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7305.  $795




+ Winchester Model 70 Stainless B.O.S.S. - (Sn G1233xx) - .270 Win., 19" bbl., stainless, black synthetic stock with matte black Leupold bases and rings.  All shows as new.  Item #L8860  $649  NEW ITEM!!!  5/4/17

+ Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 - (Sn 319xxx) - .30-06, 24" bbl., blue/walnut.  Shows about 98-99% original blue.  Worst loss shows as a 1/3" long scratch on left edge of floorplate.  Rear sight, front sight, hood and swivels are all present and correct.  Monte Carlo stock shows crisp, clean checkering and only minute handling marks, a couple of small patches of finish loss.  Correct and complete throughout with better than average wood.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Period sling attached.  Item #L8910  $1249  NEW ITEM!!!  5/4/17 

+ Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless - (Sn G3474xx) - .30-06, 24" bbl., stainless with black synthetic stock, matte finish Leupold VXIII 1.5-5x, and Leupold bases and rIngs.  Entire unit show near new.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #L8422  $795  NEW ITEM!!!  4/24/17

+ Winchester Model 70 Super Grade (Sn429xxx) - .270, 24" bbl., checkered Monte Carlo walnut stock, Weaver K4 33mm 4x scope with plain crosshair reticle.  Built in 1958.  Shows about 98% original metal and wood finish throughout.  Original sights and front sight hood are present as is original butt plate.  Super Grade swivels with period 1" sling attached.  Good bore, good screws, and is mechanically sound.  Overall excellent example of a Post War Super Grade.  Item L8418.  $3650