Trail Creek Trade Company



Trail Creek Trade Company carries a fair selection of sporting rifles.  Current manufacture items are not listed below, as the stock changes too frequently.  Please feel free to contact us to see if we have what you are looking for.  If we don't, we are happy to order it for you.  The items listed below are some of our used and collectible sporting rifles.



+ Browning Safari Grade - (Sn 51xxZ6) - .243 Win., 22" bbl., blue/walnut with Weaver K-4 scope and Weaver bases and rings.  Shows about 95% original metal finish with minor speckles and freckles throughout bbl. and action with thinning on floorplate and trigger guard.  The sights are present, but the hood is missing.  The stock shows very nice figure in the butt with sharp checkering and swivel studs intact.  There are numerous minor to moderate  hunting and handling marks scattered throughout.  This is the third time in 43 years we've had this old rifle, and every time it comes back through, it has a few more little wounds.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #L9492  *CONSIGNED*  $1100 

+ Browning 1885 - (Sn 027xxPN247) - 7mm Mag., 28" bbl., blue/walnut with Redfield 6-18x with Browning bases and rings.  Shows about 98-99% original finish throughout.  Wood shows slightly more figure than usual.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #L9260.  $1325.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF 9/12/19

+ Browning BBR - (Sn 074xxPW117) - .30/06, 22" bbl., blue/walnut/rosewood.  Shows near new with 99% original metal finish and only very minor handling marks on stock.  The original sling swivels are present and there are 30 mm. Leupold scope rings mounted to a one piece Leupold base attached to this rifle.   Overall, a very clean example of this model.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  Item #L8351.   *CONSIGNED*  $695

+ Browning A-Bolt II Hunter - (Sn 193xxMM351) - .300 Winchester Magnum with 26" bbl.  Blue with walnut wood.  Shows about 98% original metal finish.  The gloss finish on the walnut stock shows scattered nicks and dings consistent with the metal finish.  Good bore and screws and mechanically sound.  Item #L8167.  $625  

+ Browning 78 - (Sn 507xxRT) - .45/70, 24" bbl., blue with checkered walnut stocks, box & manual, but the factory swivels are not present. Shows near new throughout with 98-99% original blue & wood finish. QD flush mount swivels, Pachmayr swivels are still available from Brownell for $28.00. Box is tattered & taped. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7897. $1,295



+ Chapius Safari Express Double Rifle - (Sn 474xx) -  .470 Nitro Express, 23 1/2" bbls., blue, French Gray and fancy checkered walnut stocks, 4 blade express sights 50-200 yards, mounted at front of quarter rib.  Engraved action body, trigger guard, top lever, upper and lower tangs, quarter rib, forearm iron and pistol grip cap.  Fancy walnut buttstock, features a traditional panel cheek piece with solid red recoil pad.  Shows near new with 99%+ original finish throughout.  Several boxes of factory ammo and original factory case are included.  These rifles are well made and, by all accounts, reliable and a more affordable alternative to vintage British and Continental double rifles.  Item #L8355.  *CONSIGNED* $10,450. 



+ Cooper Model 21 Single Shot Montana Varminter - (Sn MTV 99-xx) - .223, 24" matte stainless bbl., matte blued receiver, AA + walnut stock, matte blued steel grip cap, blackened aluminum trigger guard, swivel studs, thin Pachmayr rifle pad.  Beavertail forearm is fluted and ventilated.  Checkered wrist, straight comb, Leupold bases and rings, Bushnell 4-15x40 mm A/O scope.  Shows near new, no box.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  The stock shows nice stripe from toe and heel to front of forend on both sides.   *CONSIGNED* Item #L9481.  $1695. 


+ Krico 700 - (Sn174xxx) - 7x64 Brenneke, 24" bbl., blue, European walnut stock, D.B.M., D.S.T., traditional checkering pattern "not skip line", Pachmayr Decelerator pad, 1"red, 14" L.O.P. over pad.  Windage adjustable island rear sight, elevation adjustable ramp and blade front sight.  Original European 3/4" swivels, European Tasco 3-9x40 mm scope attached by traditional European claw mount system.  Shows about 98% original blue, wood shows about the same as professionally recolored and refinished.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  *CONSIGNED*  Item #L9194.  $1250  



PreWar Commercial Oberndorf Mauser Type M Carbine - (Sn 867xx) - .30-06, 19.9" bbl., blue, walnut, D.S.T., Butter Knife bolt handle, hinged floor plate, iron grip cap, iron nose cap, hinged lid butt trap.  Shows about 93-95% original blue on bbl. and bolt assembly.  The nose cap shows about 95-96% original blue.  The buttplate shows about 75-80% original blue with scattered, minor staining and freckling.  The floor plate and trigger guard show about 85-90% original blue with scattered blemishes.  The stock shows moderate hunting and handling marks from one end to the other with most apparent dents on lower edge of cheekpiece.  The checkering is sharp and strong.  The sling swivels show mainly gray.  There has been a Lyman No. 35 aperture sight added, fastened to the bolt stop lever.  This sight can be easily removed.  However, the wood has been notched to accept the sight and detracts from the appearance of the rifle.  The rear sight is an unfinished N.E.C.G. two leaf replacement.  The front sight appears to be a Marbles Improved model.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Overall, a nice example of a fairly scarce rifle.  These were brought in by Stoeger in the 1920's.  Item #L9316.  $1849. 



+ Remington 798 - (Sn ZA70070xxxx) - .375 H & H, 26" bbl., blue, black/tan/green laminate stock. Shows about 98% original finish throughout. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7859. $729

+ Remington Custom Shop 700 (Pictures) - (Sn B6454xxx) - .375 H & H, 24" bbl., blue/walnut with Leupold bases. Shows about 98-99% original blue. The wood shows minor hunting & handling marks. Previous owner used the rifle for one hunt in Africa in June 2013. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7809. $939


+ Ruger M77 Magnum - (Sn 750-060xx) - .416 Rigby with a 23" bbl. Nicely figured wood. Item #L4046. $1,725



+ Sako Finnbear - (Sn 580xxx) - .30/06, 24" bbl., blue/walnut with Weaver K-4 scope, no sights, Sako rings.  Shows about 98% original metal finish throughout.  The stock shows near new as well, with a few scant handling marks.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  A nice, clean traditional hunting rifle.  Item #L9540  $719  





+ Weatherby MKV Accu Mark - (Sn PB042xxx) - .338 Lapua 26" fluted bbl. with Accubrake.  Black matte metal finish/composite.  Leupold bases and 30mm rings, Night Force NX5, 3.5-15, x 50mm., 30mm. tube.  Dropped floor plate for additional mag. capacity and the black fiberglass stock is textured with spiderweb treatment throughout.  Shows about new, probably unfired.  This would cost $3500-$4000 new.  Item #L8408.  *CONSIGNED*  $2495. 

+ Weatherby MKV Accu Mark - (Sn PB040xxx) - .300 Weatherby, 26" fluted bbl..  Stainless/composite, Leupold bases and 30mm rings.  Shows about new, probably unfired.  The stainless bbl. has blackened flutes and the black fiberglass stock is textured with spiderweb treatment throughout.  Item #L9005.  *CONSIGNED* $1550. 

+ Weatherby MKV Left Handed - (Sn H106xxx) - .300 Wby. Mag., 24" bbl., blue/walnut/rosewood.  Shows about 98-99% original blue.  The wood shows minor scattered handling and hunting marks, but overall is in fine to excellent condition.  The figure is about typical for an MKV with fiddleback stripe rather than burl or flame often seen.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Also included are sling swivels and period Bushnell 4x-12x Banner scope mounted with Weaver bases and rings.  Item #L9156.  $1295. 

+ German Weatherby MKV - (Sn 372xxx) - 7mm Wby. Mag., 24" bbl..  Blue/walnut/rosewood.  Shows about 98-99% original blue.  The wood shows very minor handling marks.  Also included are factory swivel studs and period Redfield Widefield  2x-7x scope mounted with Redfield bases and rings.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.                                                         Item #L8868.  *CONSIGNED* $1295.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF 9/12/19


+ Weatherby MKV Custom - (Sn H132xxx) - 7 mm. Weatherby Mag., 24" bbl., blue, walnut, rosewood.  The custom features are as follows:  engraved floor plate, checkered bolt handle, jeweled finish on bolt and follower.  Shows about 98% original finish throughout with Leupold bases and rings attached.   Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  This rifle has been used, but not much.   Item #L8397  *CONSIGNED*  $1650  


+ Transitional Winchester Model 70 - (Sn 668xx) - .30-06, 24" bbl., walnut & blue.  This early postwar rifle has all the features that make it a good example of this variation, i.e. earlier address and caliber markings, the long tang rear sight, intermediate safety lever, and stock configuration closer to prewar.  There is a Leupold M8-3 affixed via Buehler bases and rings, and a period appropriate quick adjust sling attached.  Bbl. and receiver show about 97-98% original finish as does the extractor.  The bolt knob and lower stem show mainly gray.  Floor plate and trigger guard shows about 80%.  The correct checkered steel buttplate shows about 75% original finish.  The stock shows normal hunting wear with slightly softened checkering.  The top film of varnish is worn off in high wear areas, but intact in the protected areas and less handled surfaces.  The front sight is intact, but the hood is no more.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  This veteran of the saddle scabbard and deer camps from Missouri to Montana is a worthy hunting partner.  Item #L9498  *CONSIGNED*  $1395.  SOLD!!!  09/06/19

+ Model 75 Target - (Sn 474xx) - .22 L.R., 28" bbl., blue/walnut with Vaver target sights.  Shows about 93-94% original blue with scattered surface rust spots and stains.  The stock shows minor nicks, dings, and scratches from storage.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #L9355.  $569. 


+ Winchester Custom Shop Model 70 - (Sn G285xxx) -.375 H.&H., 24" bbl., stainless/fancy walnut, hooded, round front sight with silver bead, island rear sight with flip up adjustable blade, solid red Winchester recoil pad.  All the furniture on this rifle is stainless including the recoil lugs.  Super Grade style swivel bases and pistol grip cap.  Leupold 30 mm. scope rings on Leupold bases, all black finish.  This rifle shows near new, probably unfired.  Shows 99% original finish throughout.  

                                                             Item #L8428  *CONSIGNED*  $1550  

+ Winchester Model 70 Stainless B.O.S.S. - (Sn G1233xx) - .270 Win., 19" bbl., stainless, black synthetic stock with matte black Leupold bases and rings.  All shows as new.  Item #L8860  $649  ​   

+ Winchester Model 70 Super Grade (Sn429xxx) - .270, 24" bbl., checkered Monte Carlo walnut stock, Weaver K4 33mm 4x scope with plain crosshair reticle.  Built in 1958.  Shows about 98% original metal and wood finish throughout.  Original sights and front sight hood are present as is original butt plate.  Super Grade swivels with period 1" sling attached.  Good bore, good screws, and is mechanically sound.  Overall excellent example of a Post War Super Grade.  Item L8418.  $3650                                                                                                                                    SOLD!!!  9/28/19