Trail Creek Trade Company

Conditions Of Sale - In serving you, our goal is your complete satisfaction. To that end, we hope that you will carefully read the following conditions, which govern all Trail Creek Trade Co. sales.

New guns are sold with current manufacturer's warranties. Modern used guns are provided a 30-day store warranty by Trail Creek Trade Co.  If we cannot repair it we will provide a full refund. Modern used guns are defined as those gun models where the manufacturer produces either the gun or parts for it.  Older used guns and antiques are sold as collectibles only and are not warranted as fit for shooting.  Please confirm with a member of our staff the category which applies to each gun you purchase.

While many of the older guns listed at this website will be fine to shoot with appropriate ammunition, there may be hidden safety problems with old or used firearms.  We therefore recommend that no one shoot any old gun without first having it thoroughly checked out, and approved for such, by a competent professional gunsmith.  Shooting an unsafe firearm or using incorrect ammunition may result in damage, injury, or death. In general, we recommend that true antique guns not be fired.  After a century of service, these fine weapons deserve a rest.

Older guns originally made for black powder cartridges should never be fired with modern smokeless powder cartridges. Damascus-barreled shotguns may have undetectable defects, so we recommend they not be fired. More generally, all opinions expressed on this Web site as to the mechanical condition of a gun merely indicate whether the gun appears to function without live ammunition, and do not necessarily mean the gun would be safe to shoot.