Trail Creek Trade Company


Trail Creek Trade Company carries in stock a wide variety of current manufacture revolvers from such manufacturers as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and Taurus just to name a few. We will have many of the current models in stock, or can order almost anything you may be looking for.

The items listed below are only a selection of the used, curio & relic, and one-off items we have on hand at the moment, not a listing of our current manufacture firearms.  Please feel free to contact us or drop by the store to see what new manufacture firearms we have in stock, as selection changes frequently due to current demands.


+ Colt Model 1877 (Antq. Vintage) - (Sn 11xxx) - .41 caliber with a 4.5" bbl. Nickel-etched panel barrel. This 1878 gun shows about 45% overall, original nickel finish with good hard rubber grips - no cracks or chips. Bore is a little dark, but fairly strong - screws are all good - is almost mechanically sound. All notches are present - works in single or double action. Goes into battery, but can be pushed off. Will lock into battery when trigger is pulled. $675  

+ Colt New Service "1909" Model - (Sn 80xxx) - .455 Eley, 5.5" bbl., Canadian proofs & acceptance marks. Chambers have been punched out to .45 Colt. Shows about 60-65% original blue throughout with strong markings & sound grips. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #H11292. $995

+ Colt Officers Model Target - (Sn 525xxx) - .38 Special, 6" bbl., elevation-adjustable front blade and windage-adjustable rear square-notch sights, aftermarket grooved wide trigger shoe, checkered hammer spur, cylinder latch thumbpiece and backstrap; left side of barrel marked OFFICERS MODEL 38 framed by small Maltese crosses; aftermarket Herrett checkered walnut stocks.  Built 1927.  Shows 97-98% original finish.  Good bore, good screws, mechanically sound.  Item H12616.  $895




+ Special Limited Edition Ruger GP100 - (Sn 178-355xx) - .44 Special, 3" bbl., stainless with Ruger/Hogue rubber grips, green fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight.  Non-fluted five shot cylinder.  Item H13388.  $749

Smith & Wesson:

+ Smith & Wesson 1905 4th Change - (Sn 2736xx) - 38 Special with a 4" bbl. Blue with round butt, checkered walnut medallion grips. Shows about 80% original blue and case color. Good bore and screws, mechanically sound. The grips are overall sound and sharp, but there is one small chip on the upper left corner where the panel touches the frame. Item # H11973. $749

+ Smith & Wesson 66-1 Missouri Highway Patrol Commemorative Model - (Sn 67K2xxx) - 357 Magnum, 4"bbl., stainless stell pinned barrel, Baughman red-insert ramp front and adjustable rear target sights, right side of barrel marked "Missouri State Highway Patrol 50th Anniversary," sideplate marked "1931-1981" above Highway Patrol seal, trooper's badge number (3xx) stamped on left side of frame, flash-chromed hammer and trigger, uncheckered Goncalo Alves presentation stocks with S&W medallions.  With matching hunting knife and presentation case.  Built 1981, 900 manufactured.  Shows as new, no box.  Case is missing brass badge plate on lid.  Item # H12696.  $795  

+ Smith & Wesson 27-2 - (Sn N7901xx) - 357 Magnum, 6" bbl., blue with Gonola Alves grips.  Target hammer, trigger and stocks.  Shows about 97-98% original blue.  Though the stocks are very plain, they are quite crisp.  Good bore, good screws, mechanically sound.  Item # H13376.  $895  

+  Smith & Wesson 38 - (Sn BRK18xx) - .38 spl., 2" bbl., blue with crimson trace grips and also has factory grips.  Shows near new.  Good bore, good screws, mechanically sound.  Item #H13333.  $595