Trail Creek Trade Company


Trail Creek Trade Company carries in stock a wide variety of current manufacture revolvers from such manufacturers as Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger, just to name a few. We will have many of the current models in stock, or can order almost anything you may be wishing to purchase.


+ Colt Python - (Sn 69xxx) - .357 Magnum, 6" bbl., blue/walnut with box, warranty card, instruction booklet, and screw driver in the original envelope.  Shows about 98%+ original finish throughout.  The box and papers also show near new.  This gun came from the collection of the original owner.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  Overall, a fine example of a 1967 vintage Python.  Would be hard to improve on this one.  Item # H14501.  $3500.  SOLD!!!  02/13/21

+ ColtPython - (Sn 403xx) - .357 Magnum, 2.5" bbl., blue with oversized walnut checkered replacement grips from the period of production.  Shows about 96-98% original blue.  The losses show in the form of high edge wear at the muzzle and front of frame with minor holster wear scattered throughout.  There are minor traces of orange or red paint in front sight serrations, chip at right upper edge of grip panel along backstrap.  Overall, a very nice, untouched example of this model as received from the second owner.  With the addition of correct issue style grips, this gun would be hard to improve upon.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #H14181  *CONSIGNED*   $3500 

+ Colt Python Hunter - (Sn LA46xx) - .357 Magnum with an 8" barrel, blued with rubber Colt medallion grips and a Leupold M8 2x scope with a Colt medallion on the turret, as delivered from the factory. Unfortunately, no case or accessories are available. This revolver shows about 95% original finish overall. Losses are on both sides of the muzzle, minor thinning and handling marks on the barrel and underside, and minor freckling on the upper rear of the frame under the rear sight. There is a minor drag line between the bolt notches and the leads/approaches, and a second drag line around the cylinder ahead of the bolt notches, as if something got caught there temporarily. Several of the screws show some modest wear. The rifling is excellent and the gun is mechanically sound.   Item # H14341.  $3,695. 

+ Post War Colt Detective Special - (Sn 612xxx) - .32 Colt, 2" bbl., Blue/Coltwood grips.  This 1952 vintage gun shows near new at about 99%+ original finish throughout.  Included is a copy of a factory work order showing gun was sent in for mechanical evaluation by the last owner.  Item #H13404  $1350 

Custom Colt 1917 - (Sn 213xxx) - .45 A.C.P., 5 1/2" bbl., Blue/Walnut.  Shows 99%+ as refinished.  This gun came to us as a wreck with property markings removed, parts missing and other issues.  We repaired it and refinished in a pre-war fashion with soft wire wheel carbona blue metal finish and grips made from semi fancy walnut.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound as restored.  Item #H13722  $1095 

+ Colt Post War Detective Special - (Sn 980xxx) - .38 spl., 2" bbl., blue/walnut, shows about 95% original finish throughout with sound, yet worn checkering on the factory medallion grips.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  1968 production  Item #H12598  $895 

+ Colt Post War Detective Special - (Sn 691xxx) - .38 spl., 2" bbl., blue/walnut.  Shows about 95-96% original finish throughout with good, crisp factory medallion grips.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  1956 production.  Item #H13563  $950 

+ Colt Shooting Master - (Sn 341xxx) - .38 spl., 6" bbl., blue with checkered walnut grips.  Shows about 90-95% original carbona blue with lots of scattered scratches, nicks, and dings.  The grips show wear commensurate with the metal.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #H13047  $1950   

+ Colt Model 1877 (Antq. Vintage) - (Sn 11xxx) - .41 caliber with a 4.5" bbl. Nickel-etched panel barrel. This 1878 gun shows about 45% overall, original nickel finish with good hard rubber grips - no cracks or chips. Bore is a little dark, but fairly strong - screws are all good - is almost mechanically sound. All notches are present - works in single or double action. Goes into battery, but can be pushed off. Will lock into battery when trigger is pulled. $675  

+ Colt New Service "1909" Model - (Sn 80xxx) - .455 Eley, 5.5" bbl., Canadian proofs & acceptance marks. Chambers have been punched out to .45 Colt. Shows about 60-65% original blue throughout with strong markings & sound grips. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #H11292. $995


+ Special Limited Edition Ruger GP100 - (Sn 178-355xx) - .44 Special, 3" bbl., stainless with Ruger/Hogue rubber grips, green fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight.  Non-fluted five shot cylinder.  Item H13388.  $749

Smith & Wesson:

+ Smith & Wesson 25-2 - (Sn FN377xxx) - .45 A.C.P./.45 Auto Rim, 6 1/2" bbl., with case, papers and box, but no tools.  Shows about 98% original blue with minor handling marks.  The grips show near new.  The box shows normal handling and storage wear.  The case and contents show near new.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #H14613.  $1095

+ Smith & Wesson 25-2 - (Sn N734xxx) - .45 A.C.P./.45 Auto Rim, 2 3/4" bbl..   Blue, round butt frame with Pachmayr rubber grips.  This is one of the John Jovino modified guns.  Barrel has been shortened to 2 3/4", and the butt is rounded.  The hammer and trigger also have been modified to Jovino specs.  Shows 98-99% blue, appears unfired, but has not box.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #H14426.  $1895

+ Smith & Wesson 25-2 - (Sn N674xx) - .45 A.C.P./.45 Auto Rim, 6 1/2" bbl..  Blue/Case Hardened/smooth Goncola Alvez target grips, target hammer, trigger, and target sights.  No white outline on rear sight.  No box or case.  Shows about 98%+ original blue, 98%+ case color.  The grips show minor handling marks with slight loss of finish at the heel of backstrap.  Light coat of preservative on metal surfaces.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Probably unfired.  Item #H14451.  $1095

+ PreWarSmith & Wesson M&P Target Model - (Sn 115xxx, .38 Spl., 6 1/2" bbl..  Blue/Case Hardened Checkered Walnut grips.  Show about 90%+ original blue, and about the same on case color.  The grips are fine as well with sharp checkering and a couple of dents butt of the right grip panel.  The front sight blade features a a tiny white bead.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #H14425.  $895


+ Smith & Wesson 4 Screw K-22 - (Sn 229xxx) - .22 L.R., 4" bbl., Blue, Case Hardened & checkered walnut.  Shows about 97-98% original finish with most losses on ejector rod.  This is a standard model that the original owner tried to targetize by adding period target stocks and a trigger shoe.  Even with the modifications, this gun shows nicely.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  Item #H13476  $1095 


+ Smith & Wesson 1905 4th Change - (Sn 2736xx) - 38 Special with a 4" bbl. Blue with round butt, checkered walnut medallion grips. Shows about 80% original blue and case color. Good bore and screws, mechanically sound. The grips are overall sound and sharp, but there is one small chip on the upper left corner where the panel touches the frame. Item # H11973. $749