Trail Creek Trade Company

Site lasted updated on June 02, 2020

Last, Trail Creek is happy to provide FFL transfer services, insurance appraisals, as well as layaway services to our customers.

Trail Creek is proud to provide a wide variety of modern, antique and curio & relic firearms for every shooting interest.

Trail Creek has or can order most any firearm accessory you could need, from ammunition to magazines to scopes.




‚Äč           NOTICE!
Trail Creek Trade Company is CLOSED due to threats of violence in the area, including attacks on other firearm stores. 

All firearms have been removed from the store.

We will announce here when we are ready to reopen.  

Trail Creek Trade Company is proud to be a supplier of quality firearms for collecting, hunting, target shooting, or personal defense.  Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist with all firearms questions.

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