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Trail Creek Trade Company carries in stock a wide variety of current manufacture semiautomatic pistols from such manufacturers as Colt, Wilson Combat, Guncrafter, Nighthawk, Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Ruger just to name a few.  We will have many of the current models in stock, or can order almost anything you may be looking for.  Use the links provided below to select firearms manufacturers to see what the latest designs are and give us a call to see about ordering them.





+ Colt L.W. Officer's A.C.P. - (Sn LF0634xE) - .45 A.C.P., 3 1/2" bbl., stainless with Wilson thin panel rosewood grips, 3 dot sights, one factory mag, one McCormick mag., and one Wilson mag..  Shows some use, but overall is about 98%.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Has factory box.  Item #H13725  $829 

+ Colt Government Model Series 70 - (Sn 70G86xxx) - .45 A.C.P., 5" bbl., nickel/walnut.  Shows about 99% original finish throughout.  This gun was carried and shot, but maintained properly.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.   Correct and complete throughout.  Item #H13175  $1495 

+ Post War Colt Super .38 - (Sn 441xx) - .38 super, 5" bbl., blue/brown checkered fiber grips.  Shows about 95-96% original finish throughout.  It appears to have been used very little.  The losses and thinning are from neglect and/or poor storage.  There is a very faint takedown mark.  Overall, this 1947 vintage gun is crisp, correct and complete throughout.  Item #H13407  $2950 


+ Colt 1911 Civilian Model [C & R] (Pictures) - (Sn C1338xx) - .45 A.C.P. with a 5" bbl. Shows about 75% or better original blue, with correct mag & good, sharp grips. This 1922 vintage pistol is correct & complete throughout. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #H5476.  $2,500

Dan Wesson:

Ed Brown:




+ Glock 17 Vickers Ltd. Edition - (Sn LAV64xxx) - 9mm., 4 1/2" bbl., black slide and frame.  Built to Vickers specs with Vickers parts added or supplied.  These guns are offered a couple of times a year through Lipseys.  Upgrades include gold bead front sight and deep u notch rear.  Other upgraded parts are mag. release, slide release, mag. base plate, and a plug with Glock univerdal tool that fits in the back strap of the grip.  This unit costs less as upgraded than if you bought the parts and did it yourself.  Item #H13371  $759  

+ Glock 17 Vickers Ltd. Edition - (Sn 92xxLAV) - 9mm., 4.5" bbl., F.D.E., Cerakote slide, F.D.E. polymer frame.  These guns are built to Vickers specs with Vickers parts added or supplied.  They're made once or twice a year as a Lipsey's exclusive.  Upgrades include special sights, mag. release, slide release, Cerakotefinish and a plug with Glock universal tool that fits in the back strap of the grip.  A nice package that costs less than if you had the work done or added all the parts yourself.  Item #H13689  $759   ​ 



+ Guncrafter CCO(Pictures) - (Sn GN026xx) - .45 A.C.P., 4.25" bbl., Melonite metal finish, thin panel alumna grips, serrated top of slide, serrated back of deep U notch rear sight, rounded gold bead front sight, & rounded butt. Item #H11799. $2,920

+ Guncrafter Commander (Pictures) - (Sn GN022xx) - .45 A.C.P., 4.25" bbl., Melonite metal finish, shredder grips, serrated top of slide, serrated back of deep U notch rear sight, & rounded gold bead front sight. Item #H11801. $2,955

+ Guncrafter Model No. 5 - (Sn GN030xx) - .50 GI with 4.25" bbl.  Melonite finish, black checkered Aluma grips.  Flush cut deep crown bbl.  Flush cut slide stop, chamfer frame, gold bead front sight deep "U" and notch rear sight.  Item #H12482.  $4,056  

Heckler & Koch:

 High Standard:


+  Kahr PM9 - (Sn VC42xx) - 9mm., 3" bbl., black with Hogue slip on over factory grip frame, night sights, two spare mags., shows near new, no box.  Good bore, good screws, mechanically sound.  Item #H13336.  $525  




+ Nighthawk Custom G.R.P. (Pictures) - (Sn NCP162xx) - .45 A.C.P., 5" bbl., olive drab green Perma Kote metal finish, Coyote tan G-10 golf ball-style grips, integral lanyard loop, flush cut slide stop with chambered frame. Options include omitted slide markings on slide, no front cocking serrations, reverse crown flush cut muzzle, ball mill cut at front of slide, deep U notch rear sight, & gold bead front sight. Item #H11364. $3,228


+ Ruger Automatic - (Sn 220xxx) - .22 L.R., 6" bbl., blue/black Eagle checkered plastic grips with spare mag..  Shows about 98% original finish throughout.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  Much preferred to the new and improved models.  These actually work most of the time.  1962 production.  Item #H13778  $369               


Sig Sauer:



+ Sig Sauer Scorpion 1911 (Pictures) - (Sn 54B0153xx) - .45 A.C.P., 5" bbl., dark earth metal finish with rail. Black small parts & controls. Sig lite sights, textured cammo Micarta grips. Item #H11432. $1,061

Smith & Wesson: ​  





Wilson Combat:

+ Wilson Combat Professional Lightweight  (Pictures) - (Sn WCT1332x) - .38 Super, 4" bbl., O.D. green armor tuff, night sights, Ambi safety, checkered rear of slide, integral lanyard loop, Cocobolo full checkered with medallion grip panels.  Pouch and spare mag included.  All shows about as new.  Item #H12882  $2889