Trail Creek Trade Company




+ DWM P.08 - (Sn 93XE) - 9 mm., 4" bbl..  1915 Chamberdate.  Shows about 98% original blue, 95% on the straw colors as faded.  Fire blue is still vivid, grips are very crisp.  Both original magazines are not numbered to the pistol.  The correct WWI brown holster with Imperial markings is sound in all regards except where the strap was fastened to the buckle and it is torn through the hole.  Good stitching and hinge.  The tool is present.  Overall a great looking, untouched Luger with good bore and screws.  Is mechanically sound.  Item #H13353 $2150  NEW ITEM!!!  4/17/17 

+ Germany DWM Artillery P.08 [C & R] - (Sn 193xe) - 9 mm with an 8" bbl. 1917 chamber date. Shows about 95-97% original blue. Has matching # mag. Straw colors are faded, but more than apparent. Most of the wear appears on the stock lug, side plate, & high edges. Retains original stock iron - butt stock appears to be a commercial replacement. It is made of hard maple, and has a satin varnish finish. Appears to be matched throughout. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #H4905. $3,750


+ Nambu Type 14 - (Sn 179xx) - 8mm., 4.7" bbl., blue, hardwood grips, spare mag., leather clam shell holster, shoulder strap, 12 rounds of original ammo.  All shows near new.  This pistol was made in 1931 and is probably unfired.  The holster retains nearly all the surface sheen, hinge is pliable and strong.  All markings inside flap are sharp.  Item # H13535  $1450  NEW ITEM!!!  5/1/17

Smith & Wesson:

+ Smith & Wesson M&P from WW II - (Sn 9000xx) - .38 S&W with a 5" bbl.  Parkerized with walnut grips.  Case colored hammer and trigger.  British or Australian proofs.  Shows about 95-98% as reparkerized.  This appears to be one of the guns brought in 15 to 20 years ago by various importers.  Good bore and screws.  Appears mechanically sound but should be checked out by a gunsmith before firing.  Item # H11931.  $395


+ Walther PPK - (Sn1228xxA) - .380, 3 1/4" bbl., blue, brown plastic grips.  Shows as new.  Unfired with both mags, box, papers and target.  Item #H13335  $1200

+ WW II Walther P.38 [C & R] - (Sn 107xJ) - 9 mm with a 4.9" bbl. Code AC41 - 2nd variation. Shows between 95-98% original blue. Grips show only minor handling marks. Retains original, matching numbered mag, but no spare mag or holster. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #H5302. $2,100