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+ Cimarron Frontier - (Sn E37xxx) - .38/.357, 4.75" bbl., blue, case, & walnut. Item #H11378. $489

+ Cimarron Thunderstorm - (Sn KL006xx) - .45 Colt with 4 3/4" bbl.  Blue, case color, with walnut checkered grips.  Lowered hammer with wide spur.  Over a year in the waiting for these to arrive, but Cimarron did a good job.  Item #H12362.  $665  

+ Cimarron SAA - Wyatt Earp - (Sn P35xxx) - .45 Colt, 10" bbl., blue, case color, walnut grips with silver presentation badge inlet into right side of grip. Item #H11263. $824.95


+ Colt  Prewar S.A.A. - (Sn 280xxx) - .38 W.C.F., 7 1/2" bbl., blue/case, stage grips.  Shows 99.9% as professionally restored.  It was sent back to the factory after the war, and was rebuilt and refinished as needed.  After owning the gun for a while, the current owner decided to have us restore it to the correct pre-war style finish.  Though mechanically perfect, it left a lot to be desired cosmetically, as did most of the early post-war reworks.  With proper polish, carbona blue and traditional case hardening on frame and hammer, it looks more like it should for a 1906 vintage S.A.A..  The stag grips show good color and lots of texture.  A very attractive gun for about the price of a good restoration.  Item #H14210  *CONSIGNED*  $3450 

+ Colt Bat Masterson Scout - (Sn 29xxLM) - .22 L.R., 4 3/4" bbl., nickel, with black, hard rubber grips, factory case and key.  Shows as new.  The case also shows about as new with minor handling marks on exterior of case at the corners.  Interior of case is clean with no stains or smudges.  One of the best looking commemoratives to be put out by Colt.   Item #H11731  $695    

+  Colt Single Action Army - (Sn SA942xx) - .45 Colt, 4 3/4" bbl., nickel with after market blind screw, two piece Colt medallion ivory grips.  Original grips are not present.  Shows near new throughout with only very minor handling marks.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  There is a box included, but the box is not original to the gun.  Item #H13260    $2695 

+ Colt SAA, U.S. [Antq] (Pictures) - (Sn 964xx) - .45 Colt with a 5.5" bbl. This Artillery Model shows about 80-85% original blue on the barrel & about 50-60% blue on the ejector housing. Cylinder retains about 90% original blue. Back & front straps are gray; top of back strap has some bright blue intact, as does the flats on the guard & the flats on either side of upper strap. Has some bright blue on & around the front of the guard. The frame is mainly gray & brown, with traces of case color - hammer shows about the same. Retains all correct D.F.C. & R.A.C. marks on metal & grips. Grips have a few dents & dings with an initial scratched on the left bottom panel. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #PG. $7,750 

+ Colt SAA - (Sn SA340xx) - .357 Magnum, 4 3/4" bbl., bright nickel finish, factory two-piece oil finish smoothh walnut grips.  Built 1980.  Shows as new with papers and plastic bag.  Item H12626.  $2,195

+ Colt SAA - (Sn S033xxA) - .44-40, 4 3/4" bbl., blued finish, case-hardened colors on cylinder frame and loading gate, small address on barrel, etched barrel panel with COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER marking, bullseye ejector head, black powder frame, factory one-piece smooth ivory grips.  Product of Colt Custom Shop.  Built 1995.  Shows as new.  No box.  Item H12636.  $2,500                                                                                                                   

+ Colt SAA - (Sn SA295xx) - .44 Special, 4 3/4" bbl., bright nickel finish, factory two-piece oil finish smooth walnut grips.  Built 1979.  Shows as new.  No box.  Item H12639.  $2,295



+ Ruger Vaquero - (Sn 55-268xx) - .44/40, 7 1/2" bbl., bright stainless with rosewood grips.  Shows near new with light, scattered handling marks.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item H13733  $525

+ Ruger Single Seven - (Sn 816-066xx) - .327 mag., 4 5/8" bbl., stainless with laminate Ruger medallion grips, unfluted cylinder and adjustable rear sight.  Item #H13469  $615  


+ Ruger Single Six, Old Model Light Weight (Pictures) - (Sn 2113xx) - .22 long rifle, 4.75" bbl., blued with original black eagle hard rubber grips. Shows about 95-98% blue & black on barrel frame & cylinder, but fairly thinned on the outside edge of the ejector tube. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #H11665. $549

+ Ruger New Bearcat, Limited Edition Lipsey Exclusive– (Sn 9364xxx) - .22 LR with a 4.2” bbl.  Blued; wood laminate grips with Ruger crest.  Adjustable rear sight; blade front sight.  New item, not used.  Item #H12268.  $549.95  

+ Ruger Bisley Flat Top- (Sn 521-37xxx) - .44 Special, 5.5" bbl., Blue with laminated grips.  Lipsey's Limited Edition.  Item #H12407.  $567.    

+ Ruger New Model Vaquero - (Sn 511-104xx) - .45 Colt, 4-5/8" bbl., blued, black hard rubber grips. New. Item #H9868. $587

+ Ruger Vaquero Bird's Head, Limited Edition - (Sn 512-705xx) - .45 Colt with 3.75" bbl.  Blued with black laminate grips.  Lipsey's Limited Edition.  Item #H12039.  $631.95 

+ Ruger New Vaquero - (Sn 512-412xx) - .45 Colt with 4 5/8" bbl.  Blued with genuine Sambar Stag grips and original factory synthetic ivory grips that have been artificially distressed.  Shows near new at about 99% with box and papers.  Item # H11945.  $749 

+ Ruger Single Six - (Sn 619xx) - .22LR, 5 1/2" bbl., aluminum grip frame, square-notch dovetailed rear and serrated fixed blade front sights, factory black checkered hard rubber grips with silver/black Ruger medallions.  Built 1957.  Shows about new at 99% original finish throughout with sharp, correct grips.  Item H12653.  $549

Smith & Wesson:




+ USFA S.A.A. - (Sn CC50x) - .32 W.C.F., .32 A.C.P., 32 H&R magnum, 4 3/4" bbl., blue, case hardened.  This gun started as one of the last five China Camps built.  It was sent to Hamilton Bowen to have the .32 A.C.P. and .32 H&R magnum cylinders made and fit.  After a few years, the man for whom we had the gun built decided to part with them.  At this point, we ended up with all five.  After we resold the .32 W.C.F China Camp, the new owner decided that he wanted the gun blued and case hardened.  We sent it back to the factory and had the gun refinished along with the two spare cylinders.  Now, we have it back again for sale.  It shows near new, but has been fired with the .32 W.C.F. cylinder.  The other cylinders are still wrapped in the newspaper in which they came back from the factory.  The box, packing, flannel sleeve with logo, and paper goods are included.  Call for further details.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Item #H14208  *CONSIGNED*  $2500    

+ USFA Single Action Army - (Sn 2694x) - .38 spl., 4 3/4" bbl., dome blue, bone case, hard rubber.  Polished sides of hammer.  Box, slip sleeve, foam inserts, and cloth case are present, but no papers.  All shows as new.  This gun is consecutive to H12739.  Item #H12737  $2095  

+ USFA Single Action Army - (Sn 2694x) - .38 spl., 7 1/2 " bbl., Dome Blue, Bone Case, hard rubber.  Polished sides of hammer.  Box, slip sleeve, foam inserts  and cloth case are present, but no papers.  All shows as new.  This gun is consecutive to H12737.  Item #H12739  $2095    

+ USFA Single Action Army - (Sn 26xxx) - .45 Colt, 5 1/2" bbl., Armory Blue, Bone Case colors.  Black, hard rubber grips, cross pin frame, case colored hammer.  Show as new in box, but no box or paper goods.  

Item #H12764  $2250  

+ USFA Single Action Army China Camp model - (Sn CC505) - .38-40, 4 3/4" bbl., polished in the white finish, bullseye ejector head, factory two-piece checkered hard rubber grips.  Built @ 2006.  Shows as new, no box.  Built after the factory had ceased production of the China Camp.  We had this built for a customer.  SNs ran from 501-506.  Item # H12740.  $1,495