Trail Creek Trade Company


Trail Creek Trade Company carries a fair selection of sporting shotguns. Current manufacture items are not listed below, as the stock changes too frequently. Please feel free to contact us to see if we have what you are looking for. If we don't, we are happy to order it for you.  The items listed below are some of our used and collectible shotguns.


+ Aya Model 3R - (Sn 2525xx) - 12 ga., 28" plain rib Imp. Mod. & full, blue, walnut, and case hardened.  Double triggers, extractors, straight wrist, checkered butt.  Made for European market with sling swivels.  Shows near new, probably unfired, but does show minor damage on forend checkering, a result of careless storage.  Otherwise, no dings, nicks or gouges.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  1966 vintage catalogue is included.  Item #L9480.  $679. 


+ Post WarBeretta SXS Game Gun - (Sn 747xx) - 12 ga. 2 3/4" chambers, 28 3/8" bbls., Full & Full, matte rib, factory swivels, double triggers with front trigger hinged, case colored action body, Greener cross bolt with side clips, typical scroll engraving on action body, trigger guard and top lever.  Checkered walnut stocks, semi beaver tail forend, Price of Wales grip with scalloped iron cap and hard rubber original buttplate on buttstock.  Shows about 95% original blue on bbls., top lever, trigger guard and forearm iron.  The action body and upper tang retain about 98% case color.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  Wood shows minor to moderate handling marks with sharp checkering.  L.O.P. 14 1/2" over factory buttplate.  This 1945 vintage gun is an elegant old unit.  Item #L8889.  *CONSIGNED*   $1795  - NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF 9/12/19​


+ Browning BPS - (Sn 154xxxMN121) - 28 ga., 26" V.R. bbl., blue/satin finish walnut.  Shows as new in box with all choke tubes, paper goods and packing material.  Item #L8967.    *CONSIGNED*  $625  

+ Browning A-5 Light 12 - (Sn 082xxNZ211) - 12 ga. with a 26" vent rib Invector bbl. Shows about 99% original blue. Forearm shows as new - buttstock shows minor handling marks. Front sight has been replaced with an orange fiber-optic type sight. This was one of the later Japanese A-5s with the round knob pistol grip. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L4672. $850

+ Browning A-5 Mag. 12 - (Sn 8V97xx) - 12 ga., 3", 29.5" V.R. bbl., blue/walnut. Shows about 98% original blue throughout. Wood shows minor handling marks with the most significant marks on the right side of the comb where there are several little scuffs. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L7887. $995



L. C. Smith:

+ L. C. Smith Field Grade - (Sn FWS26xxx) - 16 ga., 28" solid rib bbls., full and full, blue, case hardened and walnut, double triggers, extractors.  Shows near new throughout.  Both wood and metal surfaces show 98-99% original finish even in the usual wear spots.  The only detractors on this gun are minor chips on edge of the butt plate at the toe of the buttstock.  14 1/4" L.O.P. over factory butt plate.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Have had only a handful of L. C. Field Grades in this condition in the last 41 years.  Hard to improve on this one.  Item #L9257  *CONSIGNED*  $3500.  No Longer Available as of 08/27/19

+ L. C. Smith 00 Grade [C&R] - (Sn 3029xx) - 12 ga. - 28" I. C. & M. Shows thinning original blue with gray & brown splotches & patches up and down bbls. Action body shows mainly gray with scattered light rust with traces of case. 90% blue on guard with light scattered rust. Upper tang shows good case. Top lever has a slight extra bend to left, just ahead of thumb piece. Wood shows most of the varnish with hunting marks. Chips behind both lock plates & rear of tang. Bores are clean, but there is one minor dent 3-1/2" back from muzzle. Screws mostly good. Appears mechanically sound. 14.5" L. O. P. over factory butt plate. Item #L2630.  $500                                                                           


+ Lefever H Grade [C&R] - (Sn 343xxH) - 12 ga. with 30" Damascus barrels.  Mod & Mod chokes.  Shows about      40-50% original brown on bbl.s. & 10-15% original case color on action body.  Most of the iron parts show silver/gray.  Wood shows a hairline crack in the wrist, which starts at the lock plate, extending to 1/3" from rear of tang.  Checkering shows worn, flattened and slightly filled.  Bores show at least good with minor dents on right bbl..  Screws are very good to excellent.  Appears mechanically sound.  L.O.P. is 14" over original horn butt plate.   Item #L4769  $750



+ A. H. Fox Philadelphia Sterlingworth [C&R] - (Sn 1153xx) - 12 ga., 2.5" chambers, D.T. extractors, 30" bbls., full & mod. chokes. Shows about 90% original blue on bbls. The action body shows about 40-50% original case colors as thinned throughout. The guard & lower tang about 65%. The wood shows quite nicely with minor handling marks and a light coat of finish over original. The checkering is slightly soft. L.O.P. is 14.25" over factory butt plate. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L5449. $1,250

+ Francaise Ideal 7E [C&R] - (Sn 33x) - 12 ga., 2.75" chambers, 27.5" bbls., I.C. & Mod. The barrels have been modified by Briley. The chambers lengthened from 2.5" to 2.75", the forcing cones lengthened, chokes open from full & full to I.C.& M., & back bored. D. T. ejectors, loaded chamber indicators, under lever, rising bit, 3rd fastener, foliate carved fences concealed in the butt stock is retractable, & sling, which when needed, is fastened to a loop under the barrels. Engraved on rear rib extension & tang. The action body & under lever are border engraved and there is light freckling. Shows about 98% original blue on barrels & about 30% original case colors on action body, trigger plate & tang. The finely checkered walnut stocks show most of the original varnish, with moderate hunting & handling marks. L.O.P. is 14" over original horn butt plate, which has several worm holes. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L5546. $2,650

+ New Ithaca A Grade - (Sn 487xx) - 10 ga. with 32" bbls. Full & full. Shows about 90% original brown on Damascus bbls. Action body shows only traces of case color. Shows mainly grayed & smooth brown patina, but very crisp. Hammers show thinned & brown, but crisp. Wood shows about 90% original finish, with good, strong checkering - free of cracks, chips or gouges. Butt plate is sharp, with no cracks or chips. L.O.P. is 14.25" off front trigger, over factory butt plate. Light-to-moderate pitting in each bore. Good screws & mechanically sound. Item #L3510   $800


+ Parker P Grade [Antq] - (Sn 651xx) - 12 ga. with a 30" bbl. Mod & Mod Damascus. Shows about 50% original brown on bbls. Barrels have numerous dents & 1 bulge at the muzzle of the left barrel. Bores are pitted, but shiny. Action body shows mainly gray & brown, with only traces of case. Wood is sound, but has flattened checkering. L.O.P. is 14" over compressed & dried Hawkins pad. Appears to be mechanically sound. $750

+ Parker Brothers P Grade - (Sn 592xx) - 12 ga. with 30" bbls. - I. C. & I. C. Twist bbls. show about 50-60% original brown, thinning throughout. Action body shows mainly gray; forearm shows flattened checkering with scratches & minor fence marks. Butt stock shows good, sharp checkering with a light coat of linseed oil over the original finish. L.O.P. is 14.25" off front trigger over factory butt plate. Fair bores, with minor-to-moderate pitting. Good screws & mechanically sound. Item #L3435. $800

+ Parker Brothers V Grade - (Sn 932xx) - 12 ga. with 30" bbls. - full & full. Shows about 95-97% re-blue on bbls. Action body & other case colored parts have been refinished. Retains about 40%+ of the re-case color finish. Wood shows normal handling marks with a light coat of linseed wiped over the original finish. L.O.P. is 14" off front trigger over a 1.25" solid black pad & 2.25" spacers. Fair bores with minor-to-moderate pitting. Good screws & mechanically sound. Item #L3427. *CONSIGNED*. $850



+ Remington Model 11-48 - (Sn 4043xxx) - 28 ga., 25 1/2" improved cylinder plain bbl., blue/walnut, 14" L.O.P. over original factory butt plate.  Shows near new at about 98%+ original finish throughout.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  Hard to find in this configuration and condition.  Item #L8890  $1250 -                                                                         NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF 9/12/19

Smith & Wesson:



+ Winchester Model 12 - (Sn 1952xxx) - 20 ga., 28" plain bbl., full choke, blue/walnut.  Shows about 98% original finish on metal and wood.  Original silver bead front sight has been replaced with a slightly larger and taller brass bead.  14" L.O.P. over factory buttplate.  Good bore, good screws, and mechanically sound.  

Item #L7803.  $895.       

+ Winchester Model 12 Feather Weight - (Sn 18300xxF) - 12 ga. with a 26" plain barrel - I.C. Shows near new at about 98% original blue. The losses show as minor thinning on mag tube & slide. The wood shows nearly perfect and retains original butt plate. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L4863. In layaway

+ Winchester Model 21 Skeet - (Sn 20Zxx) - 12 ga., 28" bbl., W. S. 1 & W. S. 2 pistol grip, single selective trigger ejectors. Shows about 95% original blue, with most of the wear showing at the breech end of the barrels from being in a leg-o-mutton case. The beaver tail forearm & pistol grip butt stock show about 95% original finish with good, sharp Joseph Horne Co. checkering. L.O.P. is 14.75" over solid red Winchester reproduction pad. Good bore, screws, & mechanically sound. Item #L5216. $6,250