Trail Creek Trade Company


For more details on the options available for us to order for you for tactical rifles and shotguns, please check the links below:

Black Label:

+ Black Label M3H3 - (Sn 2017xxx) - .50 BMG, 45" bbl., with tri pod, T&E component, 120 links, 25 rds. L.C.G.I. cartridges, bbl. tube, big wooden box, is unfired, has been assembled twice.  Original owner paid $10,500 for the whole set up.  Shows as new.  Item #L9270. $6,500.  SOLD!!!  

Ed Brown:

+ Ed Brown M40A2 Marine Sniper Rifle - (Sn 11xx) - .308 Win., 24" bbl., matte blue metal finish, fiberglass camo stock.  Night Force NXS 3.5-15x, 30mm tube, 50mm objective, NIght Rings, factory Pachmayr Decelorator recoil pad.  This rifle is new, unfired, in original factory case with original shipping carton.  High quality hardware, excellent value!  Would cost $5000-$5500 to duplicate today.  Item #L9227.  $3500. 


+  F.N. M4 Carbine - (Sn M4SA010xx) - 5.56 N.A.T.O., 16" bbl., 1-7 twist.  These guns are a limited editionproduced to commemorate the M4 carbine made by F.N. and issued to America's Armed Forces.  With the exception of the sear and the 16" bbl., these are exact duplicates of the guns carried by our troops.  A nice addition to a U.S. Military collection.  We have added at no additional charge a made in the U.S.A. O.D. tactical case.  Item #L8797  $1789  


+ L.R.B. M14SA - (Sn 042xx) - .308 Win., 22" bbl., Parkerized, walnut.  Forged receiver G.I. parts throughout, built by L.R.B. for previous owner.  All parts are standard, not national match.  However, the stock on this rifle is the best we've ever seen on any MIA or M14.  Wood has very dense grain and shows uniform stripe from the toe of buttstock all the way to front of forestock.  Shows as new, unfired with 3 mags. total and cleaning tool kit.  

Item #L9269.  $2250.  SOLD!!!


+ Springfield MIA - (Sn 321xxx) - .308, 21" bbl., Parkerized/walnut stock.  Shows as new, unfired, no box.  This rifle comes equipped with Harris Bi Pod, Springfield Armory scope base, 10 twenty round mags..  Original ten round mag., and 240 rounds of .308/7.62 NATO non-corrosive F.M.J ammo.  Item #L9337.  $1849.  NEW ITEM!!!

Wilson Combat:

+ Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies, Remington 870 - (Sn AB791xxxM) - 12 ga. 3", 18 1/2 " bbl., Ghost Ring rear sight with Trijicon Night Sight front sight blade, nylon sling, factory tactical gun case.  This shotgun is used, but shows near new.  There are minor losses scattered from handling and the previous attachment of a side saddle cartridge holder.  Overall, retainS 98-99% original finish throughout.  Good bore, good screws and mechanically sound.  Item #L8526  $995

+ Wilson Combat Recon Tactical - (Sn WCH0078x) - 7.62 N.A.T.O., .308 Win., 18" bbl., 1-10 twist, O.D. base camo, flip up sight set, extended charging handle, heavy duty Q.D. swivels with base, Accutac flash hider, 14 1/2 " hand guard/trim rail Vickers blue force sling factory case.  Item #L8730  $3797  

​+ Wilson Combat Recon Tactical - (Sn WCH143xx) - 5.56 N.A.T.O., 18" medium weight bbl., 1-8 twist, O.D. base camo, flip up sight set, extended charging handle, heavy duty Q.D. swivels with base, Accutac flash hider, 12 1/2" hand guard/trim rail, Vickers blue force sling, factory case.  Item #L8653  $3041  

+ Wilson Combat Recon Tactical - (Sn WCA155xx) - 5.56 N.A.T.O., 16" fluted bbl., F.D.E. base camo, flip up sight set, heavy duty P.B.Q.D. swivel set with swivel mount, Accutac flash hider, 10 1/2" hand guard/trim rail, factory case.  Item #L8534  $2989